[Mono-dev] System.Web javascript modification for J2EE portal support

Vladimir Krasnov vladimirk at mainsoft.com
Mon Feb 5 12:24:12 EST 2007


Please approve attached patch that enables validators work correctly on 
J2EE portal with multiple forms on one page.

I've added SetValidatorContext function to WebUIValidation_2.0.js script

that will be executed every time before Page_ClientValidate function.
function check if Page_Validators exists as a property of calling form 
and if yes, it will reset global arrays of validator to it's local
values from 
the calling from. If Page_Validators array is not property of the form
not in portal flow), SetValidatorContext will do nothing.

There is a TARGET_J2EE modifications in ClientScriptManager class that
render validation arrays as members of a form.

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