[Mono-dev] System.Web.UI: Patch to enable ASP.Net callbacks for Portlets

Eyal Alaluf eyala at mainsoft.com
Sun Feb 4 04:44:13 EST 2007

Just renaming the title since it didn't indicate the well the
System.Web.UI context.

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Hi, Marek & all.

Attached is a patch to enable TARGET_J2EE portlets to use HTTP
callbacks. The patch has two minor changes to the code common with Mono:
  1.  The callback used 'document.URL' as the URL for posting the
callback to. I modified that to use a 'serverURL' field that is added to
the 'theForm'. This is because for J2EE portlets 'document.URL' points
to the J2EE portal page and not to the specific portlet within it.
  2.  WebForm_ClientCallback is using the 'theForm' to access the value
of the '__EVENTVALIDATION' hidden field. Since for portlets 'theForm'
does not exist I passing the right form as a param to
Your comments are welcome.

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