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Matthew McDonald mail.matt.mcdonald at gmail.com
Thu Feb 1 17:38:45 EST 2007


Sounds like a plan.

I'm a complete neophyte when it comes to contributing to mono (though I've
been using and following the project for some time), what's the best way to
submit test cases to the project?

-Matt McDonald

On 2/1/07, Miguel de Icaza <miguel at novell.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> > I read on the official mono site that MS open sourced the javascript
> > files for AJAX.NET (a very commendable step in my humble opinion).
> >
> > Are there any current plans to implement the server side parts of this
> > so that it can be run with mod_mono?
> We would like to do it, but we are currently not staffed to do it.
> > I'd be interested in helping to implement some of it if there is an
> > existing effort in place, otherwise any advice on where to begin would
> > be appreciated.
> This would be good, and the help would be appreciated.
> If this is your first time, my advise is that you always start by
> writing unit tests to understand ASP.NET.  Since its so easy to automate
> tests for ASP.NET, it is the best way of learning the API and ensuring
> that the implementation is correct.
> Once you have tests written, you could start with the classes.  I would
> not write a line of code without a test ;-)
> Miguel.
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