[Mono-dev] SharpDevelop and Race to Linux

Dennis Hayes denisraytek at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 1 14:17:22 EST 2007

Report on SharpDevelop 2.1 beta 3 on Mono
  SharpDevelop is a Windows application, but it is also a .NET application. I think it is important to show that it can run on Mono. However it is clear that it is not ready for the Race to Linux.
  Remember that MonoDevelop is an early fork of SharpDevelop, so getting a modified version of SharpDevelop running on Mono should be possible.
              Currently the biggest issue is that SharpDevelop uses a lot of .NET 2.0 functions that Mono has not yet implemented. There are also some .NET features (COM) that are only being completed on a volunteer basis.
              The second biggest problem is PInvokes. Many of these call dlls such as the MSBuild Engine that are becoming part of Mono other are open source (log4net) that are or could be supported. Some are OS calls such as messaging that according to the Mono Web site can be replaced by .NET functions.
              Next SharpDevelop uses a number of third party dlls some support featured that can be disabled some are open source that can be duplicated, some may prove difficult to deal with.
              Finally there may be things in SharpDevelop that need to be rewritten or disabled when running on other systems.
              Running SharpDevelop on OSX and Linux will be difficult but MonoDevelop shows that it can be done.
              I plan to continue to explore the issues involved.
  Here is what I got from running Moma on SharpDevelop, total is the raw data; unique is after removing duplicates.
  Issues include:
  1)     Missing .NET 2.0 functions in Mono
  2)     PInvokes to Windows
  3)     PInvokes to third party dlls
  4)     MSBuild functions
  5)     COM functions
  Missing 615
  Niex 176
  Pinvoke 300
  Todo 169
  Total Total 1260
  Missing 211
  Niex 61
  Pinvoke 191
  Todo 72
  Total unique 535
  Not Valid .NET assemblies

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