[Mono-dev] Mono and Obfuscation

APS dev.malst at apsystems.it
Thu Feb 1 10:38:53 EST 2007

I agree with you but my boss insist to find some level of protection 
from reverse engineering at least at some core library and I was 
investigating about how to do that.

At 16.16 01/02/2007, you wrote:
> > there's some issue about obfuscation in mono? There can be problem
> > using an obfuscated assembly (for example using dotFuscator that
> > ships with VS.NET) with Mono framework? And if yes, there's a
> > directive on how to obfuscate code in order to let it work also with Mono?
>In general, using code obfuscators is a bad idea.
>For one, because there is no perfect obfuscator.   All these tools do is
>block a few small decompilers, but it will not remove prevent
>professional decompilers from working (See Dis#).
>Many years ago, when programs were small, and their "major feature" was
>a tiny algorithm or trick, it made sense to hide these things.  But
>these days the value of software is not in the one-trick they know how
>to do, but in being complete programming system products, with a
>comprehensive coverage for the problem domain.
>But if you really want to use this poor system of protection with Mono,
>you should ensure that your decompiler does not break the ECMA
>requirement that execution flow not be broken.

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