[Mono-dev] AppDomain.RelativeSearchPath is faulty?

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Mon Dec 31 08:23:33 EST 2007

Dax wrote:
> Aefvadh,
> I've gone in to it a bit deeper, and it seems that this behaviour is
> wanted. But then, even more odd, why was this "bug" I thought it was
> introduced in only Mono 1.2.6?
> Well, at least now I know that it *was* NHibernate's fault (I discovered
> this by the time I upgraded my server from Mono .5 to Mono .6, suddenly
> NHibernate stopped working - it choked on the "~/Bin;~/bin", as it
> simply adds a filename and doesn't split the path first. Will send that
> to NHibernate crew...) ;-) But still, I am very confused.


states that "This property returns the value set using


states that the value is a "string containing a list of directory names, 
where the names are separated by semicolons."

Still confused?


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