[Mono-dev] mono- 1.2.6_6.bin installation issue for MonoDevelop, and uninstallation issue.

Euan MacInnes euan_macinnes at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 25 08:11:49 EST 2007

Hi All,
         Found an issue with the installation of MonoDevelop using the .bin (all linux distributions) installer, for 1.2.6_6. (this may be in earlier versions as well).

The monodevelop startup script in /bin/monodevelop is hardcoded to launch mono from /usr/bin, and to expect monodevelop files hardcoded to /usr/bin/lib/monodevelop/bin, however the installer by default installs to /opt/mono-1.2.6, so this script needs to be changed.

First modification i did was to change MD_BIN_PATH=/opt/mono-1.2.6/lib/monodevelop/bin on line 55.

The next one was to remove the hardcoded path  to mono on lines 85, 91, 96, and 101, so that they just read mono -- ./MonoDevelop.exe $@, as it should be the latest on the PATH anyway.

While this is not a universal solution, it may help those who need MonoDevelop to run to get it working.

A more universal solution, for dual-mono scenarios, etc.. may be to add an additional MD_BIN_PATH and a MONO_BIN to the .bashrc setup, and then reference these directly inside the monodevelop startup script.

Note to the unwary: DO NOT change the install path to /usr to install in the normal location. While this can run Ok, the un-install will vapourise half* the linux install, including the gnome-terminal etc.., but not enough to let a reinstallation work with any degree of ease.

*not a scientific measure. ;-)




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