[Mono-dev] System.Threading.Parallel

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Mon Dec 24 11:16:18 EST 2007

> So the vast majority of cluster users are exclusively on our target  
> platforms anyway, and thus it's up to us to provide some decent API  
> ("a superior Mono implementation"): Neither ECMA nor Microsoft will be  
> sufficient for this niche at this stage, and without someone like me  
> implementing something what-so-ever that can be evaluated on our  
> platform and on our side of the market-share, we can't really tell. I  
> wasn't saying ECMA-335 were perfect or complete, but STP is certainly  
> a starting point.

Correct, this might be an area that is worth extending as more knowledge
is developed.    But extending also calls for this library to not go
into the strict constraints for mcs/ and hence olive/ might be a much
better home for it.

> I've had a brief look at JSR-166 (java.util.concurrent), which has  
> undergone the Java Community Process evaluation procedures, and its  
> API looks highly complicated, more like a full MPI equivalent with all  
> kinds of synchronization classes. That contrasts with the simplistic  
> design of ECMA STP, which I really like; I prefer it hiding the  
> underlying complexity from the application developer, but would like  
> to have that exposed to developers on a secondary level nontheless, as  
> a Mono-specific bonus feature.

Am not sure that we are going to have a one-size-fits-all library at any
point.   The domain of the problem is large enough that there is a case
to be made for having many libraries in this space.

For instance, it would also be nice to have something like Hadoop
for .NET.


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