[Mono-dev] [PATCH] System.Threading.Parallel

Marek Safar marek.safar at seznam.cz
Mon Dec 24 07:13:16 EST 2007

>>> This patch seems independent of Microsoft's new parallel library, 
>>> and the extensible way of implementing it I suggested on another 
>>> thread would likely enable us to share backends between both 
>>> libraries. That part is not implemented yet, I'd like to have a 
>>> working base revision first, which this patch is intended as. Would 
>>> be great if we could get something in before Christmas, then I can 
>>> work on the next gen between the years before I start my number 
>>> crunching in January.
>> If you are going to share anything between this library and 
>> ParallelExtensions then the code should go to olive repository as we 
>> maintain CTP or experimental libraries there.
> Not sure I got you right: Attached is a draft patch against olive for 
> the Parallel Extensions (don't have a Microsoft .NET 3.5 environment 
> to test or even browse its documentation in, there is none on the Web 
> except two MSDN Magazine articles).
How is it related to 3.5 ?
> To share code between olive/ and mcs/, the shared code will have to go 
> into mcs/, otherwise it would not be usable for STP there, as olive/ 
> is optional.
> The alternative would be to move STP outside mcs/ but that would limit 
> its deployment and usefulness (and I wouldn't know how to build it 
> correctly :).
My opinion is that both components are optional and should go to olive 
repository until they mature enough.


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