[Mono-dev] Mono.Addins in Monodoc

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Thu Dec 20 08:56:18 EST 2007


El dc 19 de 12 del 2007 a les 12:36 -0500, en/na Miguel de Icaza va
> > >         * Editing in the ECMA provider is hard, but Mike has a plan for
> > >           that.
> > Is there any doc or something we could review?
> No, we only spoke on the phone about it.
> The idea is that Mike wants to switch to use GtkTextView to render the
> documentation, and at the same time, this would allow us to implement
> editing very easily.

Even if GtkHtml is very limited, it is much better than GtkTextView in
rendering text. At least it can render tables, borders, change
background colors, etc. GtkTextView can't do that. Maybe implementing
editing would be easier with GtkTextView, but most of people will use
MonoDoc for reading rather than writing documentation. So I don't think
reducing the text rendering capabilities to make it easier to edit
documentation is a good deal.

> Correct, there are many things that we could do to improve the pipeline
> for new documentation.   Some of those ideas are also required for the
> Web edition of Monodoc.
> Having a hammer does not mean that everything is a nail, and for the
> case of documentation updating we should not start with "We have
> Mono.Addins, now how do we do updates with it".
> Instead we should be thinking about creating the proper pipeline for
> documentation: what does it look like, what is the process, and then
> implement it.
> If the implementation would benefit from Mono.Addins, that is fine, but
> it should not be the driving force for it.

Fair enough. Just make sure you guys consider Mono.Addins if MonoDoc is
going to include any kind of extensibility support (including support
for third party libraries to extend MonoDoc with new documentation).
Otherwise we'd be reimplementing functionality that M.A. already


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