[Mono-dev] Is it possible to run ASP.NET from a CD?

Joe Audette joe.audette at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 10:18:36 EST 2007

Hi All,

Was wondering if its theoretically possible to run xsp2 directly from
a cd. I've seen some posts about embedding mono but don't really know
what is involved. If anyone can confirm whether its possible or point
me to any information that might help I'd appreciate it.
What I'm thinking about is being able to run mojoportal directly from
a cd probably with SQLite. Obviously it would be read only but I can
see if it could be done it would be great for making demos and also
maybe I could make a utility to import export from other db platforms
so a site could be backed up and archived to cd in a way that you can
see the site as it was at the time of backup.

Is this possible?



Joe Audette
Software Solutions Architect
Source Tree Solutions, LLC
joe.audette at gmail.com

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