[Mono-dev] Compile Mono Solaris

Steven Jeffs steve at csbs.utah.edu
Tue Dec 18 17:19:41 EST 2007

That ubuntu box was built just to test this and I jumped the gun a bit 
by posting to the forum/list when the exception was thrown.  I'm not a 
developer, just need to get dekiwiki working on solaris 8.  I would 
appreciate any helpful suggestions.


Alan McGovern wrote:
> In your last email you were running mono 1.2.4 and an argument 
> exception was being thrown. The email previous showed you running mono 
> 1.2.5 tarball and it was a null reference being thrown there.
> Alan.
> On Dec 18, 2007 10:08 PM, Steve Bjorg <steveb at mindtouch.com 
> <mailto:steveb at mindtouch.com>> wrote:
>     Maybe you should read the exception it is throwing.  It's a
>     NullException, not an ArgumentException. Ergo, it's wrong.
>     - Steve
>     --------------
>     Steve G. Bjorg
>     http://wiki.mindtouch.com
>     http://wiki.opengarden.org

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