[Mono-dev] Building mono runtime in VS2003

Brock Reeve Brock.Reeve at ni.com
Wed Dec 12 16:11:47 EST 2007

Hi everyone,

I am building eglib, libgc, and mono in VS2003. I previously have build 
them in VS2005 with no issues but now need to build in VS2003 to target 
Pharlap real time OS. I have worked through most issues (eglib and libgc 
are building) but one has got me. In mono-membar.h (libmono) it is looking 
for intrin.h which does not ship with VS2003. I am not sure how to 
translate the code. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Here is the 
segment in mono-membar.h

#include <intrin.h>

        static inline void mono_memory_barrier (void)
                _ReadWriteBarrier ();

        static inline void mono_memory_read_barrier (void)
                _ReadBarrier ();

        static inline void mono_memory_write_barrier (void)
                _WriteBarrier ();


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