[Mono-dev] DriveInfo reloaded!

Javier Martín lordhabbit at gmail.com
Mon Dec 10 18:39:14 EST 2007

Update: I've been doing some tests with HAL and most have been
extremely successful. All filesystems I tried (even some esoteric
ones, as YAFS, cramfs, etc.) were correctly detected. UUIDs were
assigned and labels read automagically and without problems. One can
even set them (that point I still didn't try) with the same method of
IPC calls through D-Bus, though I suppose privilege elevation is

One test has, however, been unsuccessful: it seems that HAL does not
detect, nor, for all that matters, even care about, loop devices. This
is of special importance on Wubi/Ubuntu systems, where the root
partition is a loopmounted file on a NTFS volume. There are some
solutions, such as merging missing data from /proc/mounts or submittng
a patch to HAL itself so that it recognizes loop devices as "generic
block devices" or such, but I don't find either quite satisfying.

Any opinions on the HAL+DBUS approach? Am I crazy or just a mail-list
stalker? ^^


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