[Mono-dev] Mono Datasets

Gwyneth Morrison monogwyn at toadware.ca
Sat Dec 8 10:22:23 EST 2007

Sorry about the 3rd post. It seems Hotmail is mangling my message.
I have changed mailers.

Good Day,

I have been working with Mono Datasets and Visual Studio Dataset 
Designer in Linux reading the data from an XML file.
The code produced by Visual studio compiles without any warnings or 
errors as well as our test program.
We are reading the data from the above mentioned xml file with readxml.

After about a week of head banging, we discovered that the xmlns 
construct below must be present and correct.

<DSYourSite xmlns="http://schemas.yourcompany.com/DSYourSite.xsd">

Apparently the URL is not an issue but the .xsd must be correctly named 
and exist in the current directory.

Windows gives a warning if the filename and dataset name do not match 
but works anyway.
Windows gives no warning if it is missing but apparently picks it up 
from the current directory.
Now this all makes sense except:

Without the Visual Studio wrapper, in Mono, the data is read even 
without the xmlns directive. (It works fine)
With the Visual studio wrapper, Mono gives no warning or exception 
either way, it just doesn't read any data and
doesn't tell you about it. The resulting tables are empty.

After a long time, we figured it out, but a warning at least would be 

Perhaps there is some option to allow such warnings to be given.

Thank you


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