[Mono-dev] Monodevelop crashes on start up

Michael Hutchinson m.j.hutchinson at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 23:51:25 EST 2007

On Dec 6, 2007 1:50 PM, Sharique uddin Ahmed Farooqui <safknw at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have installed mono 1.2.6 preview 2 from binary installer. When I try run
> Monodevelop, it crashes after splash screen, with this error message.
> dev1 at dev1-laptop:~$ monodevelop
> 2007-12-07 00:06:14,098 [-1210906928] WARN  MonoDevelop.Core.ILoggingService
> [(null)] - Inotify watch limit is too low (8192).
> MonoDevelop will switch to managed file watching.
> See http://www.monodevelop.com/Inotify_Watches_Limit for more info.
> /home/dev1/mono-1.2.6/bin/mono: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libxml2.so.2:
> undefined symbol: gzopen64
> dev1 at dev1-laptop:~$
> I'm using Ubuntu 7.10 32 bit.

You can ignore the first warning, as it's non-critical (though it does
trigger a memory leak on Mono 1.2.5). The real problem is with the
Mono runtime not being compatible with the libxml2 library on your
system. It looks like other people have had similar problems on Ubuntu
7.10: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libxml2/+bug/151045

Michael Hutchinson

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