[Mono-dev] Compile Mono Solaris

Steven Jeffs steve at csbs.utah.edu
Thu Dec 6 16:19:16 EST 2007

Thanks Zoltan!
I have been trying without success to get dekiwiki to run on solaris. 
The response I received from their help forums is that my problem is mono. 
Here is my post which includes the problem I've encountered: 
I've hit a wall and would greatly appreciate any suggestions.


Zoltan Varga wrote:
> Hi,
>> Overall results: tests: 9006, failed: 19, opt combinations: 19 (pass:
>> 99.79%)
>> Regression ERRORS!
> This is expected. solaris is missing some C functions we use for
> rounding, so some
> tests are failing.
>                Zoltan

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