[Mono-dev] System.DllNotFoundException gtksharpglue-2 in mono 1.2.6

Vladimir Dimitrov vlad.dimitrov at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 07:38:00 EST 2007

Yes I have two mono installations but the paths are setup to use the new
installation. The problem is that 'gtksharpglue-2' is only present in the
old installation that comes with Ubuntu and when the paths start to point at
the new location there is no such library.



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Follow this guide step by step and you will be fine. For ubuntu you must
have two mono's This is inescapable. You have to use them in parallel


On Dec 4, 2007 3:18 AM, Vladimir Dimitrov <vlad.dimitrov at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi folks,

 is there something that I am missing here? I have a GTK# based application
and I am trying to use the latest mono version ( from the generic
installer. I searched in Google about that issue but all I get are very old
problems that should not be the case now. I see that on the mono page it is
stated that the Gtk-sharp package is an "optional" package, but as far as I
remember it used to be included in the generic installer and so it is right
now. Can somebody point me to what I am missing and what is the easiest way
to install the newest mono on a clean Linux machine (for example Ubuntu
7.10) with GTK# support.



 Vladimir Dimitrov

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