[Mono-dev] System.DllNotFoundException gtksharpglue-2 in mono 1.2.6

Vladimir Dimitrov vlad.dimitrov at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 20:18:07 EST 2007

Hi folks,

 is there something that I am missing here? I have a GTK# based application
and I am trying to use the latest mono version ( from the generic
installer. I searched in Google about that issue but all I get are very old
problems that should not be the case now. I see that on the mono page it is
stated that the Gtk-sharp package is an "optional" package, but as far as I
remember it used to be included in the generic installer and so it is right
now. Can somebody point me to what I am missing and what is the easiest way
to install the newest mono on a clean Linux machine (for example Ubuntu
7.10) with GTK# support.



 Vladimir Dimitrov

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