[Mono-dev] segfault on an ARM processor but not on a x86 (Linux) or .NET on Windows

Rodrigo Kumpera kumpera at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 14:23:51 EST 2007

Could you please fill a bug report on that, so we can track the issue? Add a
test case so it makes possible to have the bug tested.

On Nov 30, 2007 7:50 PM, Dave Ferguson <davecferguson at gmail.com> wrote:

>  We saw several seg faults when AppDomain.Unload was called in Mono on an
> ARM processor.  The same code executed fine on x86 mono and .NET on
> Windows.  What I think was happening, but not sure, was that we were
> attempting to unload the only app domain in the process.  It seems like mono
> under x86 and .NET on windows handles this by ignoring the call and doesn't
> cause a seg fault.  Also, when we were seeing this, it was not at the line
> of code, but just randomly after the call.  I believe this had to do with
> garbage collection removing references that it shouldn't have.  We could
> change the timing of the seg fault by introducing some more intensive
> logging around the area.
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