[Mono-dev] Bugzilla bug #81063 "[ARM] Hit assertion in inssel-float.brg(CEE_STIND_R4) - remoting, ARM, vfp softfloat"

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Thu Aug 30 10:30:55 EDT 2007

On 08/30/07 Dean Jenkins wrote:
> BTW. Your E-mail did not contain an attachment. Please can you try
> again ? Perhaps add your attachment to the bugzilla bug #81063 ?

I committed the FIXMEs directly to svn: look in mini.c and grep for

> Also, I can't access the attachment in bugzilla from the original
> reporter of the bug. My Firefox browser wants to save the cgi script and
> not the attachment :(

That's just the name, it is a zip file.

> I temporarily removed the asserts in CEE_STIND_R4 and CEE_LDIND_R4 and
> put some debug in mono_fstore_r4() and mono_fload_r4(). The helper
> functions seem to be containing floats OK when I run my C# test script.
> Output from my script seems to be OK.

As long as that codepath in the generated native code is not actually used,
removing the assert will work for you.


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