[Mono-dev] System.Web.Extension

Jens Wurster jw at zaubercenter.de
Thu Aug 30 10:28:41 EDT 2007

Hello Onur,


yes, my public server runs linux. ;-) I have deleted TodoItems.xsd and the
specified line in ToolScriptManager.skin, too.

I have made some more modifications. If you are interested, I can give a
report, but this will take a while.





Jens thanks for the reply.

- Does your public server runs linux ?  I mean the url you have given, Does
it  run on Mono ?

- As a final resort I've deleted the TodoItems.xsd. Now that the site runs
on my local. I also have to delete the line : 

<ajaxToolkit:ToolkitScriptManager runat="server"
CombineScriptsHandlerUrl="~/CombineScriptsHandler.ashx" />

from App_Themes/SampleSiteTheme/ToolScriptManager.skin.

According to my knowledge we must define the tag prefixes in skin files.
However this practice is not applied here 

- After these modifications I am able to run the Sample Site. But no AJAX no
DHTML. And I can run ASP.NET Ajax applications without control toolkit.
System.Web.Extensions is in gac (since I use mono from svn this is by

Any ideas ?


On 8/30/07, Jens Wurster <jw at zaubercenter.de> wrote:

Just for help. =) It is an internal compilation error of the attached file
"TodoItems.xsd". This file is located in the

"AppCode"-Directory of the sample web site. 


BTW: I have uploaded the sample web site to my public server, maybe this is
helpful for somebody. http://ajaxtoolkit.tophostingteam.de/






Hello after successfully running  <http://ASP.NET> ASP.NET ajax. I tried the
control kit with latest svn of mono runtime. However it does not seem to

When I try the sample web site coming with the no source package I am
getting the following error: 

/terror CS0542: `TodoItems.TodoItems': member names cannot be the same as
their enclosing type

 protected TodoItems(System.Runtime.Serialization.SerializationInfo info,
System.Runtime.Serialization.StreamingContext ctx) {

Line 33:         // TODO: implement

Line 34:         throw new 

Line 35:     }

Line 36:     

Line 37:     public virtual TodoItemsDataTable TodoItems {

Line 38:         get {

Line 39:             return this.__tableTodoItems;

Line 40:         }

Line 41:     }

Also compiling the source code gives me bunch of errors like
System.Web.Resource not found etc...


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