[Mono-dev] mono recipe in OpenEmbedded

Michael Kramer kramtek at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 10:38:56 EDT 2007


I am using the standard OpenEmbedded ARM EABI toolchain and I am not
> seeing this issue on the NEO1973 phone (Samsung ARM SOC), or a Xscale
> platform.  Both kernel configs include:
> As I understand it, floating point is emulated at the library level,
> and not in the kernel with this setup.

That sounds fine to me, there was some talk on the openezx  ML  about
CONFIG_OABI_COMPAT=y as the default for the ezx kernel builds; it was
that for apps that are eabi compliant the OABI compat should not be needed,
if the neo kernels are being built w/ this config then i'm happy to build my
ezx kernels the same way.

Are you building the mono-1.2.5pre5 package?  I never did find a
> solution to the ARM floating point issues with 1.2.4.

yes, i'm using the 1.2.5pre5 version, although i've supplemented the bb
recipe for
the EXTRA_OECONF_arm to include --with-x (for libgdi testing?) and
(you can probably tell i'm new to this and kind of fishing in the dark...)

i was right in the middle of testing 1.2.4 and getting an illegal
instruction error when i noticed
the 1.2.5pre5 version, however i think i was testing with a non-oabi compat
kernel at the time
so i'm not sure if 1.2.4 would work once the oabi compat was set.

with the oabi compat configured a basic helloworld.exe app will run for me,
but as soon
as i start trying something very simple that needs Windows.Forms (and in
turn libgdiplus and X)
it bombs with an error from mono/mini/inssel.c (line 3645) which is related
and the stack trace mentioned nothing about libgdiplus (so i assumed it
didn't get that far)
so i thought it might have been related to the eabi issue.

Is anything known about the status of a libgdiplus_1.2.5 that would
correspond to the 1.2.5pre5
version of mono?

thanks again for the help, and its great to know that mono is running on the
NEO, now i will have
to get one ;-)


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