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Andreas Nahr ClassDevelopment at A-SoftTech.com
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Everybody (well some people ;) would love to see a managed browser. Not just
for the integration into mono, but also as a standalone product. But when
you look at the time it took to develop the existing browsers then it is
save to assume that this would be an undertaking that could take years, even
for a really large team of developers. And don't forget that in that time
the others are also evolving.
Are you going to finance that effort?
Btw. I know several attempts have already been started. But none got far.
Btw. An alternative for mono would be a minimalist browser simply based on a
richtextbox. This would at least make situations work in which e.g. the
webbrowser control was just used to display some static html for an Aboutbox
or something like that. No Css, scripting, dom or anything similar. It could
then be used if no existing browser that can be embedded is available on the


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I would like to see an web browser implemented in managed code that would
run on Microsoft .NET and Mono, rather than simply having wrappers around
unmanaged web browser layout engines.
Here are the requirements for the managed web browser:
- Must run on the Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 or later
- Should run on the Microsoft Windows version of Mono (using Mono's Windows
Forms implementation)
- Should run on the Linux version of Mono (using Mono's Windows Forms
- Browser code should not make any direct calls to managed code (but can
make calls to any managed function available in Mono, the Microsoft .NET
Framework, the Gtk# library, or the Mono.Cairo library)
- Must pass the Acid2 test
- Must support cascading style sheets
- Must support JavaScript
- Must support DOM Levels 1 & 2
- Must support HTML 4.0 and XHTML
- Must have a managed plugin API
- Should utilize Code Access Security
- Can have optional support for ActiveX controls (requires Microsoft Windows
and the Microsoft .NET framework) or NPAPI-based plugins (will require some
managed code to support this) - this support will probably require some
unmanaged code and can include unmanaged code to provide the support
required by ActiveX or NPAPI plugins
- There should be an option to build a browser without any unmanaged code
included (except for the unmanaged code included in the GTK# library or
Mono.Cairo library or their dependencies)
- Must be embeddable within Windows Forms applications if implemented using
Windows Forms (and also Windows Presentation Foundation applications with
the System.Windows.Forms.Integration.WindowsFormsHost class on Version 3.0
and 3.5 of the Microsoft .NET framework)
- Must be embeddable within GTK# applications if implemented using GTK#
What Mono needs to have in order to support a managed web browser:
- a System.Windows.Forms and System.Drawing implementation (or a Gtk# +
Mono.Cairo implementation)
- Code Access Security - not an absolute requirement for a web browser, but
can provide better security, especially for plugins - unmanaged plugins can
exploit filesystem, etc. whereas an untrusted managed plugin can be
restricted from accessing the filesystem or performing malicious actions if
the managed plugin is running under partial trust and both the browser and
the unmanaged plugin is running on a runtime with Code Access Security
- a functional System.Net.Sockets implementation
- should have support for IPv6


See what you're getting into.before you go there See it!

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