[Mono-dev] Mono-1.2.4-gmcs-BUG,help me

lei.min gmx lei.min at gmx.de
Sat Aug 25 13:09:42 EDT 2007

Hello, mono-developers

i have downloaded mono-1.2.4 sources, and build the gmcs.exe under MS Visual C# 2005. it can be well builded.  
The gmcs.exe can also compile my C# sources without the  enum type very well. 
if  i try to compile the source with enum type, it will throw the InvalidOperationException ("enum basetype is not defined"); 
i have tried myself to debug it. and patched 2 files in gmcs sources: 
1.  mcs\typemanager.cs 
//public static void AddUserType(DeclSpace ds) 
//+    if (ds is Enum) 
//+    { 
//+   ds.TypeBuilder = ds.DefineType(); 
//+    } 
//    builder_to_declspace.Add(ds.TypeBuilder, ds); 
//} line 401,410 typemanager.cs patch for the Enum to remove: 
//     InvalidOperationException ("enum basetype is not defined"); 
2. mcs\ecore.cs 
//public override object GetTypedValue () 
//// FIXME: runtime is not ready to work with just emited enums 
//if (!RootContext.StdLib) { 
//return Child.GetValue (); 
//+ return Child.GetValue(); 
//-return System.Enum.ToObject (type, Child.GetValue ()); 
//} line 1538,1547 ecore.cs patch for the Enum to remove: 
//    ArgumentException  ("enumType must be a runtime type"); 
then i can use gmcs.exe to compile my C#-source with enum type. 
Although it works now well, i don't know, if it is right ,what i did. 
So i want to get the right answer to resolve the problem.  


lei.min gmx
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