[Mono-dev] mono recipe in OpenEmbedded

Cliff Brake cliff.brake at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 18:04:11 EDT 2007


I have committed an initial 1.2.5pre5 openembedded recipe for mono
that seems to run on ARM EABI.


There are still some issues/todo:
 - ARM_FPU_NONE is hardcoded instead of relying on the configure script
 - --without-tls is used -- I get compiles errors if --with-tls is set
 - there are a few tweaks to the configure script to get cross
compilation to work
 - packaging is not finished.  Currently two packages are emitted --
mono, and mono-dll.  These do not include all the mono files needed.
 - need to get a working mono-native package working so we don't have
to depend on mono being installed on the build workstation.
 - test on other architectures

What is the effect of the --with-tls option, and what would be the
optimal setting for ARM/EABI?  I can then work toward getting this
working properly.  I'm continuing to work on packaging.

If you have an openmoko build environment set up, you should be able
to build mono by simply typing (assuming you use the moko makefile):

make update
source setup-env
bitbake mono

This should create several *.ipk files in
build/tmp/deploy/glibc/ipk/armv4t/ that can be copied to the device
and installed with:

ipkg install <package name>

or use a package feed if you have one set up.

Please send me any patches/fixes and I'll be glad to integrate/commit
them to OE.

I'll upload built ipk packages for the openmoko device tomorrow --
they are currently building.


Cliff Brake

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