[Mono-dev] Cecil improvement

Jb Evain jb at nurv.fr
Wed Aug 22 12:38:27 EDT 2007

On 8/22/07, Roei Erez <roeie at mainsoft.com> wrote:
> > And how do you plan to represent those relations?
> We need to represent two types of relations:.
> one to one (like Fields -> FieldLayout)- can be implemented as an unsinged
> int array, where for each element the index represents the   RID of the
> source and the value represents the RID of the target.
> one to many(like Method -> CustomAttributes) - same concept but with two
> dimensions array.
> Of course we need to wrap it and define a good interface for such a
> relation.
> I have already tries  working with such a relation implementation, and it
> looks good in terms of memory consumption.

Could you post your experiments here?

Jb Evain  <jb at nurv.fr>

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