[Mono-dev] SWF on Quartz (OS X)

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Tue Aug 21 10:50:22 EDT 2007

> but GTK doesn't offer the native look-n-feel (very important on OS X) i 
> can expect from Quartz or wxWidget.

Native look and feel is important everywhere.

But there needs to be some nuance as to when it actually matters.
Vendors are often criticized for not even following their own look and
feel guidelines because they try to build applications that are branded
for their products.

Another important variable is whether this is a vertical app or an
horizontal app.   Is it worth spending the extra cycles on it or not for
the benefit of it?

And finally, the original question was about Windows.Forms running on
Quartz.    The fact that it runs on top of the Quartz rendering engine
does not mean that it will look native.  In fact, it will look like a
Win32 app running on MacOS.

With Windows.Forms your only choice would be to contribute and implement
a theme that looked like Aqua.   Today this requires coding with
Windows.Forms.   It is a lot simpler to theme Gtk+ (if the theme does
not already exist) because it requires no coding to achieve most of what
is needed.


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