[Mono-dev] Controls inside an Ajax UpdatePanel

Igor Zelmanovich igorz at mainsoft.com
Mon Aug 20 04:24:45 EDT 2007

There is the bug in aspx parser.

The parser does not consider TemplateInstanceAttribute.

ContentTemplate property of UpdatePanel has  [TemplateInstanceAttribute

According MSDN it suppose to allow you to reference controls that are
contained within the template.

Could you file a bug in bugzila?


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I have problems with the Ajax UpdatePanel. With every control inside an
UpdatePanel, I get a Compilation Error like this:

/var/www/Default.aspx.cs(15,9) : error CS0103: The name `Label1' does
not exist in the current context

I think this is bug. Can somebody make a quick fix or tell me what is



PS: I attached a test case.

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