[Mono-dev] System.Media.SoundPlayer silent

Markus Kilås digital at markuspage.com
Wed Aug 8 08:50:08 EDT 2007


I'm trying to play a wave-file using the System.Media.SoundPlayer class as in
http://www.mono-project.com/Guide:_Porting_Winforms_Applications . 

But it will just not play any sound on Mono 1.2.4 in Gentoo or the VMware image with openSUSE 10.2:

SoundPlayer sp = new SoundPlayer ("/usr/share/sounds/gaim/send.wav");
sp.Play ();

Using .NET on WinXP the following code works fine:

SoundPlayer sp = new SoundPlayer ("c:\\windows\\media\\tada.wav");
sp.Play ();

Anyone got the SoundPlayer class to work or know what is wrong?

-- Markus Kilås +46(0)70 424 94 85 markus at markuspage.com kilas at kth.se

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