[Mono-dev] Reading excel files with mono ?

Angel Marin anmar at anmar.eu.org
Wed Aug 8 13:45:29 EDT 2007

Onur Gumus escribió:
> Johannes, Filehelper looks promising. There are some guys in the forums
> reporting success with mono however I am not sure if they tried the excel
> support. I must try this anyway. I will inform you about the results once I
> did.

 From [1]: "WARNING you need to have installed Microsoft Excel 2000 or 
newer to use this feature."

And a quick look at the source shows the excel support is based on 
excel's com object, so it won't work on linux.

[1] <http://www.filehelpers.com/FileHelpers.DataLink.ExcelStorage.html>
Angel Marin

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