[Mono-dev] Cross-platform command-lines

Mirco Bauer meebey at meebey.net
Wed Aug 8 10:38:18 EDT 2007

Hi Charlie,

On Tue, 2007-08-07 at 10:21 -0700, Charlie Poole wrote:
> Some follow-up questions, now that I've looked at mono.getOptions.
> 1) I like the idea of having the system provide this capablility,
> rather than including it in every app. But what do people generally
> do for cross-platform stuff?
>   * package it with the app for windows only?
>   * package it with the app but ignore it at runtime on windows?
>   * package it and use the local copy on all platforms?
>   * build the source right into the app?
>   * something else? 

A good way is to provide a binary tarball for MS .NET which bundles Mono
libraries and a binary Mono tarball. Or one binary tarball for both.

And a source tarball without any libraries, if someone wants to build
from source on MS .NET he needs to get the libs from the (Mono) binary

Binary bundling is an issue, as nobody can tell what source was used to
build it, that is especially a problem for opensource development and
Linux distributions that care about source (like Debian).


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