[Mono-dev] Mono 1.2.5 Preview 2

pablosantosluac pablosantosluac at terra.es
Fri Aug 3 09:01:57 EDT 2007


I've just run Plastic with preview 1.2.5 and:

- I got a "Comparer threw an exception" in a ArrayList BinarySearch which 
was working with 1.2.4. It looks like the list is sending a wrong parameter 
to the Compare(object x, object y) method. The "x" is expected to be a long 
but an objects arrives.

It looks like the order in which objects are sent to the Comparer are 


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Subject: [Mono-dev] Mono 1.2.5 Preview 2

> Hi,
> Mono 1.2.5 preview 2 sources, packages, and installers are available at:
> http://mono.ximian.com/monobuild/preview/download-preview/
> At some point, the release notes for 1.2.5 will be available at:
> http://go-mono.com/archive/1.2.5/
> If no critical bugs are found after the preview period, these same
> downloads will be posted on mono-project.com for general consumption.
> If there are critical bugs found, only those packages/sources will be
> updated before publishing to mono-project.com.
> Since this release hasn't been pushed to our main download server, some
> sources may be retagged if critical bugs are found.  Those tags are not
> final until we publish to mono-project.com.
> Changes with preview 2 over preview 1:
> MonoDevelop 0.15
> IPCE r6
> cocoa-sharp 0.9.4
> redcarpet/opencarpet support dropped (all the distros we support can 
> install packages via yast or yum)
> Several critial bugs fixed that were found in preview1 (Thanks for 
> testing!!)
> ikvm
> Wade
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