[Mono-dev] benchmarks mono vs others

Joshua Tauberer jit at occams.info
Sat Apr 28 08:00:02 EDT 2007

Dennis Hayes wrote:
>  > Is there an tool or a batch on svn to have a report about performance
> of mono
>  > Versus Ms.NET <http://ms.net/> implementation.
>  >
> I could not find it real quick, but you can search the archives and 
> probably find it.
> There is a web site that compairs Mono, MS, Java, ect and publishes the 
> results.
> It goes under the name racetrack or racecourse or something like that.
> Maybe some one can reply withthe web site. I think Miguel has bloged 
> about it.

This one?

(It doesn't compare to MS-- only platforms available on Linux.)

- Josh Tauberer


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