[Mono-dev] performance and stress test

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Fri Apr 27 00:18:00 EDT 2007


> Is there an tool or a batch on svn to have a report about performance of mono
> Versus Ms.NET implementation.
> I know that there is the class status script. I search something quite simple to
> be run as class status to get out performance index compared to ms performance
> index.

You might want to track the progress that Mono makes, this is being
tracked by the guys at Charles University in Prague, they have done a
phenomenal job:


from the project:
                "The purpose of this project is detection of performance
                regressions in daily development versions of MONO.
                Selected benchmarks are compiled and run for each daily
                version. The daily versions are compiled MONO daily
                packages. Selected plots from the benchmarks follow.
                Description of the system used for benchmarking is here.
                The benchmarks are run on a dedicated machine, with
                disabled network interface and with no system services

Am not aware of someone routinely adding new benchmarks and publishing
the results of performance as time goes by between Mono and .NET.   It
would be interesting to have.

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