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olivier.duff at free.fr olivier.duff at free.fr
Thu Apr 26 05:49:39 EDT 2007

What s news about maskedTextBox, I see nothing on svn ?
If you have no time for it send it to me (with your merged file) and give me
task on it and I will get it out
 and send new patch
If you have no time and do not want to send your file merged with mine, can
someone else see it with me.


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>> Subject: [Mono-dev] patch to start bonding navigator and masked textbox
>> Hi,
>> I try again to send a patch to mailing list.
>> Hope this one this will work...
>> This patch is just a basic bindingnavigator with test and a stub of
>> masked textbox with some basic things taken from msdn but with no
>> methode implementation.
>I have been working a Little bit on MaskedTextBox, so I'll copy over parts
>of your patches as you have some things I didn't.

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