[Mono-dev] Mono on Windows/x64

Michael Jerris mike at jerris.com
Wed Apr 25 01:30:59 EDT 2007

The previous patch has been committed now.  This is a follow up patch that:


1. provides more standard ifdefs for conditionally including headers.  I did not do autoconf checks for header availability, how would you like that done?


2. Supply several replacement functions that were not available in msvc.


3. Provided a few windows specific implementations.


4. added building of the eglib test suite (including a getopt replacement).


5. add and/or ifdef a bunch of includes in the eglib tests.


6. resolve many warnings, mostly related to signedness or int type overflows.


7. standardized line endings to LF only.


8. change warning levels to the project files for eglib and it's tests to the max, warnings as errors, disable a few warnings.


Current status of eglib and test build is that everything compiles and links but there are some now commented incomplete windows implementations as follows:


gspawn.c:g_spawn_async_with_pipes (probably requires alternate implementation)

gspawn.c:g_spawn_command_line_sync (probably requires alternate implementation)


gunicode.c:g_convert (requires iconv or alternate implementation)

gunicode.c:g_get_charset (requires iconv or alternate implementation)


We still need to handle msvc/windows implementations for the 4 functions above so that we can run the test suite and see how much more work is to go.


For the gunicode functions, do we really need iconv, or does windows already provide the functionality needed in other api's?


Does anyone have windows api implementations for any of those 4 functions that they could provide or wish to write?


Also, attached results.txt shows the test results of the code after this patch on windows.  There are still quite a few that need to get fixed.




Test on gcc (if someone could provide feedback on the mailing list that it still builds and does not introduce any regressions I would appreciate it)

Answer to the question posed in #1 above. (I can add the checks or implement as required, just need to know how it should go)





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> Hey,


> > This patch is confirmed to compile clean on gcc now.  Feedback?


> It can go in;  Feel free to commit.


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