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Michael Jerris mike at jerris.com
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Agreed, still tons to do... the location of the vcproj makes no difference to me, can someone confirm where you want it and I'll roll another project file in the right location.  



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     This looks good; you may want to put the vsproj in mono/msvc since I stuck all other VS related files in there. There is some warnings that need fixed (passing chars to Unicode routines), and the issues you mentioned, but this should help alot in getting mono on Win64. If eglib is working, I can build mono with no gc initially to get any other issues worked out. I think my colleage has the beta version libgc 7 working. I can try with that as well. 


On 4/23/07, Michael Jerris <mike at jerris.com> wrote:

Step 1.  Attached patch for review, should have no affect at all on non msvc build.  Resolves all build errors on msvc 2005.  Still needs implementations for quite a few things on msvc, and windows in general, this patch makes no effort to address those.  Note several things throughout marked FIXME that need to be looked at when the implementation is addressed. 


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> Hey,
> > Knowing this previously would have helped ;-). I have got conflicting
> > advice in the past about whether glib or eglib would be the best 
> > approach.
> Well, we were developing it ;-)
> But our goal is to drop glib and get back some of the memory usage we
> have been using.   As with every large change, this is not something we 
> want to do in the incremental 1.2.xx releases.
> Miguel.
> >
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