[Mono-dev] Call for testing: -- Timer issue

Joshua Tauberer jit at occams.info
Sat Apr 21 10:22:41 EDT 2007

With the 1.2.4 preview, I encountered something with the MySql Connector 
which I narrowed down to an issue with System.Threading.Timer. I don't 
know what the proper way to use the Timer is, so it may be improper use 
on MySql's end, but nevertheless it's unexpected.

When creating and disposing a bunch of timers from various threads, very 
quickly a deadlock (or something near enough) occurs.

I'm attaching a test program. I expect the program to come to 
completion, but inevitably one of the threads gets stuck creating a 
timer. This is on a single-processor x86-32.

(In MySQL, this comes up in the Command Timeout.)

TIA for looking into this for whoever knows about that part of Mono.

- Josh
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