[Mono-dev] Mono 1.2.4, preparation rituals.

John Hurliman jhurliman at wsu.edu
Wed Apr 18 18:50:55 EDT 2007

Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Hello,
>     I would like to prepare a release, I think that we should branch the
> tree on Thursday, hopefully that gives us time to do a first pass at
> tarballs and packages.
>     As usual, please send me highlights that you believe should go into
> the release notes for Mono 1.2.4.
>     We then do a week of testing on these packages, do fixes and
> backports of fixes of anything that we regressed during this week and
> issue a final 1.2.4 on April 27th or so.
>     Thomas is joining us this week, so things might start to look
> different as he starts to take over our QA role.
> Miguel.

I humbly request that the ThreadPool patches that were posted in 
"completionPortThreads in threadpool.c not used?" on April 1st make it in.

John Hurliman

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