[Mono-dev] XmlTextReader.cs patch (IBM bug workaround)

Sasha Kogan sashak at mainsoft.com
Wed Apr 18 07:23:32 EDT 2007





From: Sasha Kogan 
Sent: Monday, April 16, 2007 4:14 PM
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Subject: XmlTextReader.cs patch (IBM bug workaround)


Please review the attached patch for XmlTextReader.cs. The patch is
actually a workaround for an IBM bug (seems to be a JIT compiler bug)
that causes java.lang.AbstractMethodError to be thrown upon access of
some virtual methods/properties within the class. 

The workaround is to access such methods/properties indirectly, via the
introduced 'This' property that just returns 'this' reference.


Alternativelly, we could wrap the patch in "#if TARGET_JVM", but since
there're numerous places in the code where it should be applied, this
approach would dirty the code too much. 




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