[Mono-dev] CodeDom API implementation

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Tue Apr 17 11:33:48 EDT 2007

> I am interested by using the codeDom API in order to build AST trees 
> from  .NET sources...
> The well known problem of this Microsoft API  is that it lacks lots of 
> stuffs (even within the latest .Net 3.0 framework).

CodeDOM is merely an API for generating source code, it is not complete
enough to be an AST.

> Thus, I would like to know if the Mono project community has already 
> taken these lacks into consideration and if, in a close future, we would 
> find a complete codeDom API...

ASTs are very language specific, building a general purpose one is not
viable (unless you make it so abstract to be close to useless).

Alternatively LINQ has something that can be used for code generation.

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