[Mono-dev] Mod-mono & XSP from SVN: different versions.

Guus Leeuw jr. guus.leeuw at guusleeuwit.com
Tue Apr 3 01:13:58 EDT 2007



I’m trying to bind XPS2 into Apache, having problems with the different
versions between mod-mono-server2 and xsp2.

Now, running xps2 by hand works nicely for my application, so the problem
was not that.

Then I tried mod-mono-server2 by hand, and voila, the report comes:
“mod_mono and xsp have different versions.”… Looking at
xsp/src/ModMonoRequest.cs, this comes because in GetInitialData() the first
byte read is not 6.

The big questions is: How come it should be 6, and where is getting set to

(I am more than willing to patch this for svn, but then again, I’m not sure
how mod_mono and xsp work together… (XSP by itself comes to pass this
“awkward” check ;))




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