[Mono-dev] completionPortThreads in threadpool.c not used?

John Hurliman jhurliman at wsu.edu
Sun Apr 1 18:16:36 EDT 2007

Robert Jordan wrote:
> Matthieu Barthélemy wrote:
>> Hello,
>> On Sunday 01 April 2007 14:37, Robert Jordan wrote:
>>> The required infos are already available but they were not exposed
>>> by ThreadPool.GetMin|MaxThreads and SetMaxThreads was not implemented.
>>> The attached patches should fix that (up to the MonoTODO issues).
>> Wow... I was prepairing exactly the same patch today, it would have 
>> been my first Mono contribution... Next time I'll be faster, thinking 
>> that somebody else could just be doing the same thing :-)
> ... and I forgot attach half of the patch: the icall defs ;-)
> Robert

That is great, thank you for the patch. I will look in to compiling Mono 
myself with this patch merged in which should make my own server run 
well, but the other users of our library (libsecondlife, 
http://www.libsecondlife.org/) will likely have to wait until this makes 
it in to svn or a release. I know the 1.2.3 release wasn't too long ago, 
is there a timeline on pushing out the next release?

John Hurliman

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