[Mono-dev] csproj or sln to Makefile?

Mads Bondo Dydensborg mbd at dbc.dk
Wed Sep 27 02:05:19 EDT 2006

tirsdag 26 september 2006 19:10 skrev JD Conley:
> Has anyone worked on a csproj or sln to Makefile converter/xslt that
> works with gmcs and .Net 2.0? I know there was one built a few years
> ago. We are currently using Microsoft's compiler to build our
> assemblies, but there are some advantages to using gmcs (the most
> important being debug symbols).

A similar problem has very recently been discussed on this list.

It appears, that MS has changed the way that projects are build in VS NET 2005 
(from 2003). They now use the MSBuild program (which works a bit like nant) 
and the format of the .csproj files apparently are quite different from older 

If you wish to build under Windows, using gmcs, you can probably quite easily 
extend the Csc task in MSBuild to use gmcs. 

If you wish to build under non-windows platforms, such as Linux, I believe the 
best long-term strategy is to look into the xbuild program which is part of 
the mono package. This is maintained by Marek Sieradzki marek.sieradzki - 
gmail.com, who do not seem to follow this list very much, but is very 
responsive in private mail. He added a couple of features I needed in xbuild 
last week, which made it a lot more usuable to me. There is still some way to 
go though, before it can do all that MSBuild can do.



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