[Mono-dev] Mono - CreateProcess error

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Tue Sep 26 13:55:01 EDT 2006


> A search of google says this was a bug which was supposed to be
> corrected in 1.1.16.  I was running 1.1.13 so I upgraded to 1.1.17 but
> still have the problem.  I also tried adding Process.Dispose() to the
> code but that hasn’t help either (don’t know if it should have, but
> I’m desperate).  
> Are there other workarounds I can try?  (I need to make system calls
> from the application)

One possible workaround is to not use the CreateProcess which consumes
these wapi handles but instead P/Invoke into "system" or g_spawn.

I wonder if you are calling too many processes in quick succession, so
its just a matter of not enough time to clean up those handles/.

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