[Mono-dev] Cannot compile mono or mcs, please help

Rafael Teixeira monoman at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 08:40:46 EDT 2006


On 9/25/06, David Piepgrass <qwertie256 at gmail.com> wrote:
> At this point I feel like my best best is manual compilation, but I am very puzzled.

> - Why can't I find the Jay, the "C# port of yacc"?  The "mcs/jay" folder only contains a C program.  I think Jay is required to build cs-parser.cs, right?

Jay isn't a C# port of yacc, is a yacc-like C program that generates a
parser in C# syntax. You need to build it with a C compiler (our make
uses gcc on Linux)

> - What is Consts.cs and how does one build it?

It defines various version numbers, global for many parts of mono and
stay on another directory.

> - Why are so many source files missing from gmcs in Subversion?

A recent change now uses the sources from mcs where they were
basically the same. You need both directories to compile gmcs, and the
one containing consts.cs.

In truth Mono isn't built as totally independent subdirectories, for
one to be able to slice mcs/gmcs out of it.

> - Why doesn't mono- contain a gmcs directory at all?

Strange because it should! I can't check it now, to answer properly.


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