[Mono-dev] App_Code

Nick Hoddinott nickhmono at googlemail.com
Tue Sep 19 04:19:14 EDT 2006


> I know someone asked it befere, but i still haven't found solution.
> How to make my asp.net 2.0 web page 'automagically' compile dll's

I've haven't found a solution as yet. I started looking at the mono
code, but have had limited time recently. It's something I hope to
revisit soon.

Of course, you can get your application to run by compiling the code
in your App_Code dir to a dll, then adding 'Assembly="xx.dll'
attributes to your code. This will then break your 'automagic' compile
on Windows. :(

Solution I've toyed with are

- Writing the auto compiliation of App_Code feature for mono.
Obviously the best, but needs some planning, and knowledge of the
existing code.

- Moing your code base back to a compiled in advance model. Not too desirable.

- Adding an ugly hack (for your own use) to System.Web.Compiliation to
expect the type to be found in YourAppName.dll.

When I get chance to work on this further I'll post here. I might try
an ugly hack first, upload the patched dll to my site, then attempt a
real solution. :)


Nick H

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