[Mono-dev] upgrading an app

Tom Bombadil grlists at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 17:28:00 EDT 2006

Hi all...

We are running into a few problems with a mod_mono/asp.net app (no dlls,
nor assemblies, yet) in two different servers using the same NFS
volume... If we use server A to update the files in the NFS volume,
server B's app will fail.

The doc below says that mono picks up changes in the src automatically:

My question is: how does mono pick up changes in the src files, when we
replace them? by the date in the file? by md5 checksum?

Also, if we are using a DLL with mod_mono... what's the best way of
reloading it:
- "rm + cp" as shown in the URL above; or
- just move the file over, and use the control panel, as shown here:

And if you dont mind my curiosity, why do we have delete the DLL?

Thanks a lot ;)

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