[Mono-dev] Upgrade dependencies for VS build

Michael Jerris mike at jerris.com
Fri Sep 15 11:40:27 EDT 2006

>From: Jon Chambers [mailto:joncham at gmail.com] 
>Sent: Friday, September 15, 2006 11:30 AM
>To: Michael Jerris
>Cc: Mono Devel List
>Subject: Re: [Mono-dev] Upgrade dependencies for VS build
>As far as the version, the current glib depends on c runtime version
7.0.2600.2180. The newest glib depends on the same one. As the >previous
version is working (somehow in VS 2005), I'd assume the newest version
would continue working? 

Glib itself will not have a specific dependency on a specific runtime,
it is linked to a specific version at compile time.  If it is currently
working with the current build with vs2005, you have been lucky so far,
pass a file handle from glib using 7.0 runtime to something built with
2005, and you will see instant segfault when you try to use that handle.
That is just the most obvious issue, there are several more subtle ones
as well.

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